Leather shoes are probably your trusted going out, work or even church shoes and quite frankly do deserve some love. Look after them the right way and you could still be wearing them many years from now. Gone are the days when you would get your shoes shined by the side of the road, now you can literally do it yourself at home with these easy tips.

How to Shine Your Shoes

Get all your materials together so they’ll be close at hand. You may want to cover the surface you’ll be working on with a towel or a newspaper, as the shoe-shining process can potentially get messy.


Use a dry brush to remove any dust and dirt from your shoes. You can use the welt brush and water to get into small spaces, but make sure to let the leather dry completely before moving on to the next step. Scrub the welt of any dirt or grime with your small brush.

Give your shoes a thorough inspection before moving to the next step because lingering dirt specks can scratch the leather while shining. Wipe them off with a clean, dry rag.

You can use Pro-Brushes which are available at any store


After the initial cleaning process, conditioning is the next step to maintaining your footwear. This process helps in softening and moisturizing the membrane, thus protecting it from drying out and cracking.

To condition, take a soft piece of cloth and put a small amount of conditioner on the shoe and rub until the entire surface is covered. After applying the conditioner, the shoe should dry for 30 minutes.

You Can Buy A Pro- Assorted Creme Luxe which is a Multipurpose conditioner that Conditions, Nourishes and Enhances the feel of leather. 3POLISHING

After the initial two rounds, now is the time to put on the shine! Polish is the final touch up before you wear your shoes again.

Shoe Polishes are available in liquids, cream, and pastes. Liquid shoe polishes have the tendency to dry quickly and are not considered durable too. On the other hand, pastes last longer, but are messy. We’d suggest you opt for creams for their ease of application and availability in different colors!

After selecting the appropriate color, apply the cream on a small area of the shoe to match it. Using a soft cloth rub the polish into the shoe and allow it to dry thoroughly.

After this, gently strike the surface with a soft brush. Make sure each strike is gentle and medium length, don’t brush the same spot quickly.

We recommend you buy Pro-Color Polish Cream Which Refreshes color & provides a wonderful bright long-lasting shine on your shoe.

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