About Filpshop

Flip Solutions Private Limited is a company founded in 2019 with the aim and mission to change the way people shop online it. The company operates in the exponentially growing Indian e- commerce industry aiming to take advantage of the emerging digital India to take online shopping a step further into the future. The company has build its first Mobile application ‘Flip Shop’ and by making videos a medium to sell products the company strives to bring the “walk-in” experience of retail stores on mobile solving problems for both buyers and sellers through innovative ideas and technology.

Flipshop App

Flip Shop Is a unique mobile commerce market place that uses videos to provide a whole new online shopping experience to its buyers and then allows those buyers to in turn become sellers who can then choose products and make a sales pitch at no cost and earn an income daily. The application entails an easy to use user interface where users can come online and search for products to buy, upon which they are shown videos of common people and retail executives alike giving product reviews and explaining features allowing the user to virtually experience and learn about the product from his mobile with zero effort. The user then has the option to like or dislike the product and shortlist what he/she is interested to buy and can then review it to make a final selection. The application also offers a popular section in which users can come and view the hottest trending products, watch their pitches and make a purchase. This application model gives the user the power to filter out their videos by using a voting interface also allowing them to follow and chat with people who are real consumers and can be trusted to deliver an honest product pitch and live review always ensuring a quality purchase .The option to interact, view and watch reviews before making a purchase makes for a real retail store experience on mobile; making a whole newnetwork and community of live commerce.